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Fantuzzi Fundraiser for Puerto Rico – February 18

YOUR Opportunity to make a difference at our Fund-Raiser for Puerto Rico. At:

380 Pleasant Hill Rd

Sebastopol CA, 95472

Fantuzzi & friends share outrageous music –
Latin, Reggae, Afro-Funk with a deep Mystic Twist!

Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico hard. There was plenty of warning, yet Federal preparedness and response have been pitiful. The current state of emergency on the island is fading from the news.

Fantuzzi’s filmmaker son Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi was on the island prior to the hurricane and returned shortly after with a shipment of 400 lbs of emergency supplies rallied in less than 48hrs in the San Francisco Bay area. As Eli began work with Defend Puerto Rico helping rebuild and finding where help was most needed, Fantuzzi began to raise more funds back on the mainland before heading to Puerto Rico with $4000 worth of solar lamps, portable water filters, seeds and essential toiletries.

Fantuzzi became one of many strong backs and willing hands helping to rebuild a village in the neighborhood of Barrio Palomas in Comerio, Puerto Rico.

Our duty is to responsibly reimagine a future for the island with the people, for the people.
In Comerio, one of the most immediate needs is the reconstruction of 18 houses.
So far, with the support of other organisations and volunteers, Defend Puerto Rico has visited the community Vuelta del Dos on 12 different occasions to coordinate and work in partnership. 7 brigades worked long days canvassing, distributing dozens of bags of food and supplies and installing as many solar powered lamps as they could get their hands on. This was just the beginning.

We are rebuilding homes for people refused aid by FEMA, families with children and no roof over their heads. There are so many without electricity or safe drinking water, there is so much yet to be done.

We have a further $4000 in the bank that Fantuzzi has raised over the holidays and will deliver to Puerto Rico in the next month in the form of more solar, filters and seeds, but this is a drop in the ocean of what is needed.

Your help is vital – not only by donating money, but by reaching out to your representative to put Puerto Rico in the US Budget, to change the oppressive colonialization laws that Puerto Ricans are subject to, to keep talking about this situation and to change it. Puerto Rico needs renewable energy, not a rebuilt out-moded power system that forces them to import essentials.

DONATE via www.fantuzzimusic.com – everything goes to Puerto Rico.
(or send your donation as a gift via Paypal to fantuzzi@fantuzzimusic.com)
If you require a tax receipt: send a check to Sol Collective 501(c) referencing Fantuzzi
4101 67th St ,
Sacramento, CA, 95820

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