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Embodied Essence Meditations – February 6

Tickets: $10 suggested donation at the door – Please RSVP

February 6th at 7pm

This is a space to drop in to together in a soothing environment, away from the ‘ten thousand things’ of our lives, and tune in to I AM Presence, the Flow, already ever coursing thru us, and is us.

With dynamic breathwork, music, meditation and other skillful means, dissolve perceptions of separateness, feeling the Radiance of our true Being.

We will have space if desired, to witness each others’ radiance, and share aha moments, or ask each other for help with any stuckness.

This we can feel sure of: Whenever we dissolve, even for a moment, our sense of self as ‘3d’ or being at the effect of the world ~ into our deeper sense of self, we amplify our Light field by simply being receptive. Allowing it to flow more freely. Relaxing deeper into this Loving Embrace that ‘I Am’ amplifies the field as we fill up and spill it over into the world. And God*dess knows our world needs all we can give!

Bring: A blanket, a water bottle, and if you wish a journal. Wear comfortable clothing with layers.

Please RSVP 🙂

~ This community meditation is free of charge, but please bring a $10 donation to the Temple in support of the space provided ~

Event Contact Info
Name: Sarah Alexander
Phone #:530 92506260

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