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Cocktales: Stories from the Masculine Edge – February 15

Cocktales is a storytelling circle convened for those who identify and/or have been acculturated as men that’s focused on the topic of sexuality. We provide a safe space for folks of all backgrounds and sexual orientations (including transgender and gender nonconforming people) to share personal stories about their sexual journeys, with an intent toward becoming free of shame, fear, inhibition, guilt, confusion, stereotypes, abuse, and social conditioning. As we become more aware and heal ourselves, we heal and transform the culture that created us.

The format of the event will include eight men telling their stories for up to nine minutes each. There is space for 25 men total. There will be time after each sharing for witnesses to reflect on the effect that the stories had on them. If you’d like to tell a story, preference will be given to those who sign up in advance and mark “I want to tell my story” on the sign-up page. All participants, whether you tell a story or not, must purchase a ticket to attend. You do not have to tell a story to attend, all participants must purchase tickets and the event is only open to men.

Over two dozen circles have been convened thus far during the past two years in Santa Cruz. This is the first time Cocktales, created and hosted by Tom Callanan, has come to Sebastopol. All events have been characterized by remarkable honesty, vulnerability and raw, courageous sharing. A number of participants noted that they revealed experiences and wounds that they’ve never before spoken about–to anyone. Stories have focused on topics such as sexual performance, porn addiction, jealousy, gender, kink, lack of trust and competition between men, childhood sexual abuse and sexual shame and fantasy. One participant said, “I’ve been waiting for this circle my entire life.”

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Visit the following link to register and to get the discounted price.


If you have any questions or comments contact Stem at MasculinitiesDialogue@gmail.com, 703-447-8316 or Tom at tccallanan@gmail.com, 269-760-0362.

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