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5D Village – Courting the 5th Dimension – Oct 19

6:40ish – arrive

7 – 9pm

$10 Suggested Donation – Please RSVP to: debra@wishingwellprod.com

The 5d Village is a gathering place to explore new horizons of spiritual evolution.  Oct 19, we will gather at Debra’s Sebastopol Temple and drop into a group experience of Courting The Fifth Dimension.  Within the safety of this intentional circle, Vidya Frazier, Dan Craig Morse and others from the 5d Community will facilitate some of the following sacred space processes; dialing in 5d consciousness, guided meditation, music, speaking words of wisdom, and dyad sharing.  Together we have the opportunity to resonate a collective frequency of Love and Light where both divine energy from beyond can touch our divine energy within to help hold space in this Third Dimensional time space location for the emergence of A New World Is A’Comin.  Please join us and may our thirst be quenched with the Waters of Life from the well at the center of the 5d Village.

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