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Maesyn – July 15


It is “Community Night” at the Temple on Pleasant Hill, featuring the spiritually elevating music of Maesyn, in concert and for dancing. Come and experience the spiritually activated energy of the Temple, designed for Healings, Evolutionary Conversations and Spiritual Activations.

Doors will be open early to meet and connect with spiritual community. We will begin this evolutionary experience with an opening ritual and sound bath. Then we will have an amazing group experience of a high-frequency music activation with Maesyn’s in concert and dancing together afterwards to her evolutionary DJ beats. This is an intimate gathering and will most likely sell out, so get your tickets early and ahead of time, or RSVP directly with Debra Giusti to be put on the attendee list and get the address.

Maesyn is a singer-songwriter who has been classically trained on violin and piano since age 3.  She weaves fun, funky musical tapestries – live looping her voice, violin, guitar, bass, whistling, & beatboxing into catchy tunes infused with elements of pop, hip hop, soul & folk! Her music inspires, uplifts, and tickles the heart with humor about the collective human experience. She loves to wiggle and encourage others to move energy through their bodies. She strives to inspire others towards activating their dormant potential. Her concerts envelop the listener in quirky, raw, edgy, playful reminders of the inner earth angel birthing within each of us as we grow and evolve.